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And they said it couldn’t be done! In less than six years the IGRA database team, headed by Rose Feldman and assisted by Daniel Horowitz, Carol Hoffman and a league of volunteers have made available to the public over 1,000,000 records relating to Eretz Israel from the Ottoman Empire through the British Mandate to the State of Israel.

The preview of the database release will give you an overview of what has been released this month. We encourage you to view it for additional insights for this release.

Here are the details of what you may expect to find on the fourteen databases represented in this release:

Tombstones of the Jewish Cemetery of Salonica, Greece – (images) The basis of this database is from a book written by Michael Molho found in the National Library of Israel. The images are of the index of tombstones found in this book.

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates – (images) We are adding 430 additional certificates to this database. It is possible to have the following information: name, name of parent, occupation of parent, witness name and occupation, date, locality, address, age, religion, occupation. These are part of a project in cooperation with the Israel State Archives.

1928-1931 Petah Tikva Marriages & Divorces – (images) This set of records is in Hebrew and comes from the Petach Tikva History Archives and Museum. There is the date, locality and status of each individual.

1931-1940 Jerusalem Marriages – (no images) – These records represent an update to the existing database of Marriages in the ledgers of the Sephardi and Oriental Communities, Jerusalem found in the  Jerusalem Municipal Archives. It contains names of brides and grooms with names of their fathers and the date of their marriage. The ledger belongs to the Council of the Sephardi and Oriental Communities, Jerusalem, who have given permission to publish this database.

1939-1945: The Dublin Committee for the Relief of the Russian, Polish & Palestine Jews – (images) This database is in English and contains the names and amounts of those who contributed. The information comes from the British Library.

1940 Prohibited Immigrants – (images) This list of over 1600 people who were not granted permission to come in to Palestine in 1940. The information included has name, gender, age and nationality. IGRA received this information from the Israel State Archives.

1941 Members of Histadrut HaMorim (Teachers’ Union) – (images) This list of over 2,700 teachers, all members of the Teachers’ Union is from the Tel Aviv University. Besides the names of the teacher there may also be the locality, neighborhood and name of the educational institution.

1942 Enlistment to the British Army from Petah Tikva – (images) In addition to the names you may find the address, locality, date and unit/squadron. This file is an update to one published earlier. The data comes from the Petach Tikva History Archives and Museum.

1946-1947 HaShomer HaTzair Youth – (images) This group of close to 800 people were organized in Poland and ready to come to Palestine under the auspices of the HaShomer HaTzair Youth. The information may include name, date, birth year, locality, country, gender and comments. The file was located at Yad Ya’ari Archives, Givat Haviva.

1948 Municipal Employees in Petah Tikva – (images) This database is also built from material at the Petach Tikva History Archives and Museum. For the workers included in this database you may find the locality, birth year, occupation and place of employment.

September, 1949 Operation On Eagles Wings – (no images) More than 8,600 names are added now to this growing database done in cooperation with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). These immigrants came from Yemen in an amazing effort to save this important population.

1954 Name Changes – (images) The official government publication – Yalkut HaPirsumim – regularly published the name changes. The former name, the new name (in both cases first and last names), the locality and the date are mentioned. This is an update to our database of name changes.

1963 Telephone Directory – Vol. 2 – (images) Using the CSI (Crowd Sourced Indexing) program our volunteers have made available the people listed in this volume of the 1963 telephone directory. The phone book is in English. At this time the letters A, E and F have been completed. In the future we will be adding to this database regularly.

2016 Engagements – (no images) The Engagements database is being updated with close to 900 couples engaged in 2016. This information was listed on the internet and can include the name, date, locality, gender, education and status.

We thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and invite you to join those using CSI to transcribe documents in order to make the databases available on the IGRA website. If you are interested in working on this project – please click on this link and be sure to choose The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) when you are asked to “Select a Group” in the registration process.

Annual Meeting of the Israel Genealogy Research Association
Invitation to General Assembly
Paid Members Only

Date: Tuesday, 20 June, 2017
Time: 18:00 (6pm)
Place: Beit Fisher, 5 Klausner Street, Raanana

For those not able to get to Raanana but interested in participating in the meeting here is the link to register and join the meeting Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 18:00 (6pm), Israel Daylight Time.

Be sure to register in advance.

Opening remarks/Welcome – Philip Trauring
Election of Chair and Secretary of the Annual Meeting
Approval of Minutes of previous General Assembly (June 15, 2016)
President’s Annual Report 2016 – President, Philip Trauring
Treasurer’s Annual Report 2016 – Treasurer, Eyal Hollander
Adoption of Reports
Acceptance of Audit Committee report (to be sent in advance)
Election of 2 Board Members and 3 members of the Va’adat Bikoret
Other business

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Please be prompt. If there isn’t a quorum at 18:00 the meeting will be postponed until 18:15 when the meeting will begin with those present. If you are interested in running for an open board seat or the vaadat bikoret, please send a short bio and the position your are interested in to [email protected] by June 4, 2017.

העמותה למחקר גנאלוגי בישראל – אסיפה כללית הזמנה
חברים בתשלום בלבד

תאריך: יום ג’, 20 יוני 2017
שעה: 18:00
מקום: בית פישר, רחוב קלאוזנר 5, רעננה

כל המעוניין/ת להשתתף באסיפה אך לא יכול/ה להגיע לרעננה, יכול/ה להשתתף באסיפה באמצעות  האינטרנט דרך הקישור:
נא להרשם בקרוב.
סדר יום:

ברכות – פיליפ טראורינג
בחירת יו”ר ומזכיר/ה לאסיפה
קבלת פרוטוקול אסיפה הכללית הקודמת מתאריך 15 יוני 2016
דו”ח שנתי 2016 – יו”ר העמותה, פיליפ טראורינג
דו”ח שנתי 2016 – גזבר העמותה, איל הולנדר
אישור דו”ח ועדת ביקורת – נשלח מראש
בחירת 2 חברי וועד ובחירת 3 חברי וועדת הביקורת

להתראות באסיפה, נא לדייק בזמן. במידה ולא יהיה מנין חוקי של משתתפים בשעה 18:00, פתיחת האסיפה תדחה עד ל- 18:15 והאספה תפתח בנוכחות הנמצאים בלבד. כל המעוניין/ת לפעול ולהשפיע על פעילות העמותה, מוזמן/ת להתמודד על המקומות המתפנים בהנהגת העמותה, ובועדת הביקורת. לצורך כך, נא שילחו מידע אישי קצר וכן הצביעו על התפקיד שרצוי עבורכם. נא שילחו את הנ”ל ל-  [email protected] עד ל- 04.06.17.

With the latest addition of databases (check out our preview!) we now have over 967,000 records!! An incredible effort has been made by our volunteers and we are appealing to you to join in helping us make more records available.

Indexing records is now something most people can do from their home with little advance knowledge. The program we are now using – CSI, developed by Banai Feldman and Daniel Horowitz, allows our volunteers to work on databases a page at a time (each page needs to be completed within 24 hours). You can chose which database you want to work on and can change to a different database easily. When you sign up please be sure to choose IGRA from the pull down menu options for “Select Your Group”. Each database is described and the language of the file is mentioned. You do not need to work with Excel in order to participate. With one screen you see both the file to transcribe and the lines in the spreadsheet. Look for the databases IGRA is currently offering. Your help is most appreciated.

Our current database additions:

Births in Zikhron Ya’akov 1883-1920 (updated) – 1,409 additional listings from the Mathilde A. Tagger collection and the Zikhron Ya’akov Historical Archives. Information includes: name, birth date, license number and gender. (no images)

Jerusalem Directory, 1921 – This database is derived from a directory of Professionals, Trade and Industry. There are 3,033 listings giving the address and occupation. Our thanks to Dr. Motti Friedman for this wonderful resource. (images available)

Petah Tikva Census, 1922 – This database was built from material from the Oded Yarkoni Archives of the History of Petah Tikva. There are 3,076 people mentioned and the information consists of birth country, age, nationality and some comments. The original was handwritten in Hebrew script. (images available)

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates (updated) – We have updated this database with an additional 4,822 lines! These certificates are not the ledger of the Rabbinut. They information available may include: name, address, age, status, date of record, name of parent, occupation of parent, date of document, etc. These certificates come from the Israel State Archives. (images available)

Members of Synagogues Beit Avraham & Beit Israel, 1928 – Petah Tikva – The information is from the Oded Yarkoni Archives of the History of Petah Tikva. (images available)

Voter List – Knesset Israel, 1936 (Haifa); Voter List – Knesset Israel, 1939; Voter List – Knesset Israel, 1944 (Givatayim) – Under the British Administration there were elections for Knesset Israel or the Assembly of Representatives. This was the elected parliamentary assembly of the Jewish community in British controlled Palestine. It was established on April 19, 1920 and functioned until February 13, 1949. The lists include those eligible to vote in these elections. The lists are from the Central Zionist Archives.

In 1936 the information gathered was only the name and address. In 1939, it lists the name, gender, age and locality. In 1944 there is the name, birth year and the neighborhood. (no images)

Hashomer Hatzair Kibbutz Census, 1940-1 – Each list is slightly different. Some are hand written while others are typed. Some indicate the birth year and a few have the birth date. All indicate the name of the kibbutz and the name of the member. Some of the kibbutzim have a separate list for the men and women. The lists come from the Yad Ya’ari Archives. (images available)

Notrim – Pre-State Jewish Police Force (updated) – The information may include: name, date, address, rank, regiment, unit. This information is in English. The list comes from the Central Zionist Archives. (no images)

Youth Organizations, 1939-49 – Each list is a little different. The information may include: name, date of record, birth year, birthdate, locality, country of origin, town of origin, date of immigration and education. These lists are from the Yad Ya’ari Archives. (images available)

Name Changes, 1957 (updated) – Name changes appeared in the official government publications (Yalkut HaPirsumim). Each listing mentions the original name, both first and last; the new name, first and last and also the ID#. The lists were located in the David J. Light Law Library, TAU. (images available)

Cattle Growers, 2009 – We found this list on the internet. The information includes the name, locality and corporation. (no images)

Images can be seen by paid members. Information on joining IGRA can be found on the website.

We thank our cooperating archives and our many, many volunteers for making this release of additional databases possible. Please consider joining our efforts!

IGRA joins the international Jewish genealogy community in mourning the loss of Harvey Mark Krueger. Harvey died peacefully at home on April 23, 2017 – just five months after the passing of his beloved wife, Connie.
The funeral service will be held at Central Synagogue, 55th & Lexington in Manhattan, at 11 am on Wednesday, April 26. Shiva will be held at the Lotos Club on Wednesday from 4 pm to 9 pm and on Thursday from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Harvey supported genealogy societies in Israel and the IAJGS International Jewish Genealogy conferences. He continued to show his interest in all that he was involved in and was generous in his praise, support and suggestions.
Harvey was a special friend of IGRA and contributed generously to a variety of our projects. He always made time to meet with us if we were visiting in New York City and he remembered to ask about all of the friends he had in Israel connected with IGRA.
Harvey was one of a kind and will be missed by all who came in contact with him. May his memory be for a blessing.

Florence Jewry through the History of One Family

Lecturer: David Cassuto, an architect born in Florence to a family that lived in the city for about 400 years, recently published a family history book. The research was based on various resources, both private and public, following the discovery of an 18th century Mohel book written by three generations of the family’s Mohalim.
David Cassuto was the former head of the Ariel University School of Architecture and the former deputy mayor of Jerusalem. He is active in social issues in Jerusalem and also in the framework of Italian Jewry in Israel.
The lecture will be in Hebrew.

Date: May 7, 2017

Time: Gathering at 16:30, Lecture begins at 17:00

Place: Italian Museum, 25 Hillel St., Jerusalem

Tickets: 40 NIS for IGRA members, 45 NIS for guests. Tickets must be purchased in advance and include the current exhibits at the Museum and a guided tour.

יהדות פירנצה לאורך הדורות דרך קורותיה של משפחה אחת

המרצה: דוד קאסוטו, ארכיטקט, יליד פירנצה, בן למשפחה שחיה בעיר כ- 400 שנים. לאחרונה פרסם ספר על תולדות המשפחה, המחקר התבסס על מקורות מידע שונים, פרטיים ופומביים ובעקבות גילוי פנקס מוהלים מהמאה ה-18 שנכתב ע”י 3 דורות של מוהלים בני המשפחה

דוד קאסוטו, לשעבר ראש המחלקה לאדריכלות באוניברסיטת אריאל, וסגן ראש עיריית ירושלים, פעיל בנושאי חברה בירושלים ובמסגרות יוצאי איטליה בישראל

תאריך – 7.5.2017

מקום – מוזיאון יהדות איטליה, רח’ הלל 25, ירושלים

שעה – מתכנסים ב-16:30 וההרצאה תתחיל ב-17:00

 מחיר – 40 ש”ח לחברים ו-45 ש”ח לאורחים. חייבים לקנות כרטיסים מראש

המחיר כולל כניסה למוזיאון וסיור מודרך

התכנית בעברית