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With the latest addition of databases (check out our preview!) we now have over 967,000 records!! An incredible effort has been made by our volunteers and we are appealing to you to join in helping us make more records available.

Indexing records is now something most people can do from their home with little advance knowledge. The program we are now using – CSI, developed by Banai Feldman and Daniel Horowitz, allows our volunteers to work on databases a page at a time (each page needs to be completed within 24 hours). You can chose which database you want to work on and can change to a different database easily. When you sign up please be sure to choose IGRA from the pull down menu options for “Select Your Group”. Each database is described and the language of the file is mentioned. You do not need to work with Excel in order to participate. With one screen you see both the file to transcribe and the lines in the spreadsheet. Look for the databases IGRA is currently offering. Your help is most appreciated.

Our current database additions:

Births in Zikhron Ya’akov 1883-1920 (updated) – 1,409 additional listings from the Mathilde A. Tagger collection and the Zikhron Ya’akov Historical Archives. Information includes: name, birth date, license number and gender. (no images)

Jerusalem Directory, 1921 – This database is derived from a directory of Professionals, Trade and Industry. There are 3,033 listings giving the address and occupation. Our thanks to Dr. Motti Friedman for this wonderful resource. (images available)

Petah Tikva Census, 1922 – This database was built from material from the Oded Yarkoni Archives of the History of Petah Tikva. There are 3,076 people mentioned and the information consists of birth country, age, nationality and some comments. The original was handwritten in Hebrew script. (images available)

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates (updated) – We have updated this database with an additional 4,822 lines! These certificates are not the ledger of the Rabbinut. They information available may include: name, address, age, status, date of record, name of parent, occupation of parent, date of document, etc. These certificates come from the Israel State Archives. (images available)

Members of Synagogues Beit Avraham & Beit Israel, 1928 – Petah Tikva – The information is from the Oded Yarkoni Archives of the History of Petah Tikva. (images available)

Voter List – Knesset Israel, 1936 (Haifa); Voter List – Knesset Israel, 1939; Voter List – Knesset Israel, 1944 (Givatayim) – Under the British Administration there were elections for Knesset Israel or the Assembly of Representatives. This was the elected parliamentary assembly of the Jewish community in British controlled Palestine. It was established on April 19, 1920 and functioned until February 13, 1949. The lists include those eligible to vote in these elections. The lists are from the Central Zionist Archives.

In 1936 the information gathered was only the name and address. In 1939, it lists the name, gender, age and locality. In 1944 there is the name, birth year and the neighborhood. (no images)

Hashomer Hatzair Kibbutz Census, 1940-1 – Each list is slightly different. Some are hand written while others are typed. Some indicate the birth year and a few have the birth date. All indicate the name of the kibbutz and the name of the member. Some of the kibbutzim have a separate list for the men and women. The lists come from the Yad Ya’ari Archives. (images available)

Notrim – Pre-State Jewish Police Force (updated) – The information may include: name, date, address, rank, regiment, unit. This information is in English. The list comes from the Central Zionist Archives. (no images)

Youth Organizations, 1939-49 – Each list is a little different. The information may include: name, date of record, birth year, birthdate, locality, country of origin, town of origin, date of immigration and education. These lists are from the Yad Ya’ari Archives. (images available)

Name Changes, 1957 (updated) – Name changes appeared in the official government publications (Yalkut HaPirsumim). Each listing mentions the original name, both first and last; the new name, first and last and also the ID#. The lists were located in the David J. Light Law Library, TAU. (images available)

Cattle Growers, 2009 – We found this list on the internet. The information includes the name, locality and corporation. (no images)

Images can be seen by paid members. Information on joining IGRA can be found on the website.

We thank our cooperating archives and our many, many volunteers for making this release of additional databases possible. Please consider joining our efforts!

IGRA has a wide variety of records in its collection. One of the major categories are those databases related to immigration. Israel will be celebrating “Aliyah Day” on November 8, 2016. As our way of commemorating Aliyah Day – IGRA is offering a webinar, presented by Past-President Garri Regev, on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 8 pm Israel Standard Time (please check your local time and remember that Israel is no longer on Daylight Savings Time). The webinar is entitled: “Waves of Immigration to Israel”.

We invite you to view the preview of our Immigration Collection. This short presentation will give you an idea of the material to be covered in the webinar.

Participation in the webinar requires pre-registration. Please be sure to reserve your seat. For those not able to be with us for the webinar, we plan to add the webinar to our collection on the website in the coming months.


סמינר – מי אתה מר מנדלסון? מקורות גנאלוגיים במכון ז’בוטינסקי

יום ראשון, 20.3.2016 בין 17:00-19:00

בית ז’בוטינסקי, קומה א’, רח’ המלך ג’ורג’ 38, תל-אביב

 תוכנית הסמינר – הסמינר בעברית

 הרצאה על תולדות הארכיון ואוספיו

הדרכה על דרכי חיפוש חומר בנושא גנאלוגי בארכיון המכון

התנסות בחיפוש מידע גנאלוגי במאגר הממוחשב ועיון בחומר וספרי יעץ

אפשרות לצפייה במיצג/מייצגים האורקוליים

זאב ז’בוטינסקי מעגל חיים – 15 דקות

הספורט הלאומי – עליית עף-על-פי – 18 דקות

המחיר – 25 ש”ח. התשלום דרך האתר שלנו. בעמוד הבית יש כפתור


יש אפשרות לשלם בכרטיס אשרי או חשבון פיי-פאל

נא לרשום כהערה – סמינר ז’בוטינסקי

מקווים לראותכם במפגש הכרות זה במכון ז’בוטינסקי

IGRA is offering a workshop allowing you to better take advantage of MyHeritage. If you can answer “yes” to more than one of the next statements, think about joining us!

  • Do you use MyHeritage or Would you like to start using MyHeritage?
  • Would you like to know more about all its resources to help you in your genealogy research?
  • Would you like to find long-lost relatives, historical records and understand more about Smart Matches,
    Record Matches & Instant Discoveries?
  • Are you interested in preserving your family heritage?

Join us!

Two sessions (each 4 hours) in ENGLISH. There are some computers available for use at the venue.

Sunday March 6th and Sunday March 13th from 10.30 am-2.30 pm

Location: North Tel Aviv – easy access by public transport and also close to parking facilities

Price: IGRA members NIS 60, non-members NIS 90

The number of places is limited, so pre-registration is a must.

Interested in attending?  Please e-mail Elena Bazes:[email protected], Please indicate whether you can bring a laptop or tablet. We will then notify you with details regarding registration and payment.