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As a premium service to our members through the website, we offer access to all articles from the Internet Genealogy Magazine that we have posted previously. Current articles are posted on a regular basis, and are available to all registered users, but only until a new article is posted. Members will always be able to come to this page to find current and previous articles from Internet Genealogy.

In addition, Internet Genealogy is offering to the members of our society a discount on PDF subscriptions to their magazine, for $19.95 instead of the normal $24.95. Take advantage of this offer by going to the special subscription page for IGRA members.

Previous Articles:

  1. Looking for Genealogical Journals Online? by Ryan J. Woods and Henry B. Hoff (Dec/Jan 2012)
  2. Divided by Fate, Reunited by Technology by Schelly Talaly Dardashti (Dec/Jan 2012)

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