Description: Jewish Pirates? Now is that a good job for a nice Jewish boy?
They did not sing ‘Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Manischewitz, nor did they ever seem to feature in any of the Disney films about pirates in the Caribbean.
Many Jewish pirates came from homes of refugee families who had been expelled from Spain and Portugal. They took to piracy as part of a revenge strategy on the Iberian powers – while at the same time lining their pockets with Spanish doubloons. Many of them combined a traditional Jewish lifestyle with their exploits on the high seas.In some Caribbean countries graves showing the skull and crossbones and a Star of David are to be found, and in recent years, several books have been written on this subject.
Professor Steven Plaut, a lecturer in the Graduate School of Management at Haifa University developed an interest in the subject and gave this presentation in Raanana, Israel in February 2009.
Language: English

Resources mentioned:
– United Congregation of Israelites in Jamaica
– Jean Lafitte Jerusalem Post article by Edward Bernard Glick
– Top Ten Halachic Questions for a Jewish Pirate

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