Description: Lecture by Daniel Horowitz on January 25, 2012.

Learn how to access genealogical resources and other useful databases available in Israel, that can be used online to find relatives. Overcome the language barrier with a basic lesson of Hebrew and how to translate efficiently to English. Every day, more and more genealogical and other types of useful databases are released on the Internet. Israel has many websites and digital resources that can be searched via the Internet in English and Hebrew. A fast introduction to Hebrew, the keywords needed and the translation tools available will help everybody deal with the vast list of places were you can find information of people that have born, passed, lived or died in Israel.

Language: English

Resources mentioned:
– Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA)
– Israel Genealogical Society (IGS)
– Yad Vashem
– Bezeq 144 (Israel phone directory – ENGLISH)
– Israel Phone Directory
– Bezeq 144 (Israel phone directory – HEBREW)
– Izkor
– Izkor Soldados Latinos
– Civilian Terror Casualties
– Ministry of Religious Services
– Hevra Kadisha Ashdod
– Hevra Kadisha Tel-Aviv/Yafo
– Hevra Kadisha Haifa
– Hevra Kadisha Tirat Carmel
– Hevra Kadisha Petach Tikva
– Hevra Kadisha Jerusalem
– Dinur Center for Research Hebrew University of Jerusalem
– The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
– Central Zionist Archives
– The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People – CAHJP
– Jabotinsky Institute in Israel
– Museum of the Jewish soldier in WW2
– Jews of Peru

Translation Tools:
Stephen Morse
Google Translate

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