Courland/Latvia Resource Guide by Dr. Martha Lev-Zion

Courland/Latvia Resource Guide (free site registration required)

Dr. Martha Lev-Zion is an historian of modern European intellectual history. She was founder and president of the Negev branch of the Israel Genealogical Society and presently serves on the founding committee of the Israel Genealogical Research Association. She is a former director on the IAJGS board of directors and past president of the international Latvia SIG. She was co-founder and serves on the steering committee of the Courland Research Group. Dr. Lev-Zion is one of three founders of the annual one day seminar for researching genealogy in Israel and until recently actively served on that committee. Dr. Lev-Zion has written extensively about the Jews of Franconia & Thüringen [Germany] and Courland [Latvia]. She also authored the book Taking Tamar

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  1. Naomi Bloch

    Dear Dr. Lev-Zion,
    I am researching my great-grandfather and his family – he was definitely living in Dvinsk, lost his first wife there, and also had several children there. His name was Shlomo Rozenberg, and his first wife was Eta-Lea Rozenberg.
    Could you advise me if there are any records available on line which might provide more information regarding Shlomo Rozenberg and his family – as far as I know he had two wives, and about five children. Unfortunately I do not know when he died or where he was buried.
    Naomi Bloch

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