Documenting Ethnic Cooking in Ra’anana

Rachel’s background in education, IT and design is apparent in her work at the archives, where she develops programs, stages exhibitions, leads heritage tours around Ra’anana and more.

The archive is dedicated to working with local volunteers on projects designed to document and archive community life.  A great example is the ‘Outstanding Archive Award’ presented to the archive by the Association of Israeli Archivists for the ‘Ochel Kadima Ochel’ project, documenting ethnic food served by Ra’anana’s cooking enthusiasts from various countries of origin including Morocco, Iran, Yemen, Ethiopia and more.

The archive uses cutting-edge technology to professionally scan and catalog materials and is the go-to-place for many researchers, students, media professionals and more.

In 2022, Ra’anana will be celebrating 100 years since its establishment and the archive is expected to play a substantial role in many related projects.

This lecture is in Hebrew.

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