Israel Genealogy Research Association

Why if I'm searching in English does the data appear in Hebrew?
A: The data is in the original language.

Why if I'm searching in Hebrew does the data appear in English?
A: The data is in the original language.

Why don't I see the image of the record?
A: Either you need to be a paid member or the image is not available.

Why don't I find my relative? I'm sure he should be there?
A: Sometimes the records are not perfect.

The spelling is not the one my family used?
A: We use the official transcription rules.

Why I received names that are not relevant?
A: We search in multiple fields and the name may appear in an unexpected field.

The spelling I received is not the one I searched?
A: We use a thesaurus of synonyms for first names.

How can I get a copy of the record?
A: Print it out or contact the source archive.

How often do you update the records?
A: Frequently!

How can I contribute a database I have?
A: Contact us –

How can I type Hebrew letters? I don't have Hebrew in my computer?
A: We have a virtual keyboard. The database searches both languages.

How can I delete a filter that has been applied?
A: Click on the red "x" in the search box.

Can I change the filters during the search?
A: Yes, click on whatever filters you want to add or on the "x" to delete.

Can I apply more than one filter?
A: Yes click on it?

Can I delete all of the filters?
A: Yes, use the "clear all" button or eliminate them individually.

Can I search only for first or only for last names?
A: Yes, but you must include at least two letters.

Can I save my searches (history)?
A: No

Can I share my results?
A: Yes, however every individual will need to log in to see the results.

Can I print?
A: Yes, click on the button.

Can I download?
A: Yes, if you are a member. Click on the button.

How can I help?
A: Contact us –