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The Montefiore Censuses provide us with an amazing window to life in the Middle East during those years. Volunteers connected with IGRA (and the IGS before IGRA) spent years going over the census records, and transcribing and translating them in order to make them available in both Hebrew and English. The scans are kept on the Montefiore Endowment website and the index found on the IGRA website points you to their site as well.

In this webinar Rose Feldman gives you insights into how to make the most of this unique resource.


2018-01-09 IGRA The Expanded Montefiore Census – The most important Jewish genealogy resource for the 19th century in Eretz Israel

Matan Shefi recently spoke on “Polish Research and Preview of Warsaw Conference”. The lecture was recorded and IGRA is now making it available to you. Matan lectured about records and archives available in Poland, including records at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.  He also gave a preview of the upcoming IAJGS annual conference in Warsaw this summer. The lecture is in English.

Matan Shefi works at the Family Heritage and Jewish Genealogy Center in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Poland. He is also co-chair of the upcoming IAJGS conference in Warsaw.

Lecture given live on January 4, 2018

IGRA featured a lecture/webinar series in 2016 and one of the webinars hosted Jeanette R. Rosenberg. This webinar on Using Directories and Maps for Genealogy Research will give you practical advice and suggestions for making use of these resources. Following this webinar everyone should have new avenues to search and apply to their family research.

Jeanette R. Rosenberg is a professional genealogist & member of AGRA (Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Genealogical Studies from Strathclyde University.  She’s a frequent researcher at archives in Germany, where she’s participated in local history seminars.  Jeanette is also a popular Jewish genealogy speaker around the UK.  She was appointed a GerSig Director in 2009, leads for JGS Great Britain on Education & Mentoring, managing exhibitions and is chair of the German SIG. Jeanette is a member of the Society of Genealogists, Anglo-German Family History Society & Guild of One Name Studies.

In 2014 Marla Raucher Osborn delivered a lecture in Jerusalem giving insight into Preserving Jewish Memory with Rohatyn as an example of what may be possible and directions you may want to take in your own communities.

Due to a technical glitch – we are missing the audio for the first 3 minutes. The slides for the beginning of the lecture run and are self-explanatory. After that the audio begins.

IGRA President, Garri Regev, delivered lectures in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA and Oakland, CA in the Spring of 2016 about vital records that are available in Israel, how to look for records in a variety of places and how to best make use of the IGRA website and databases.

The lecture in Oakland was to be broadcast as a webinar as well but due to technical issues those on the call were able to see the presentation but could not hear the lecture. We apologize.

This recorded lecture is a good introduction to the IGRA website and the All Israel Database (AID) collection in specific.

If, after watching the recorded lecture, you still have questions – please send them along and we will do our best to answer (