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IGRA President, Garri Regev, delivered lectures in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA and Oakland, CA in the Spring of 2016 about vital records that are available in Israel, how to look for records in a variety of places and how to best make use of the IGRA website and databases.

The lecture in Oakland was to be broadcast as a webinar as well but due to technical issues those on the call were able to see the presentation but could not hear the lecture. We apologize.

This recorded lecture is a good introduction to the IGRA website and the All Israel Database (AID) collection in specific.

If, after watching the recorded lecture, you still have questions – please send them along and we will do our best to answer (


Following the webinar Tomasz did for IGRA a couple of years ago (available on the IGRA website to all for a limited time) we received many requests for an additional opportunity to hear from Tomasz. Watch the earlier webinar and then be sure to watch this webinar. Many questions came to us from viewers during the webinar and we hope that all researching ancestors in Ukraine will benefit from the material presented in this webinar.


Historical Newspapers are a wonderful source to enrich your genealogy research. Many newspapers have now been digitized and are searchable. You should check in your region for local papers that are now available.

This 35 minute webinar with Rose Feldman is from 2012. The basic principles are useful and the webinar will give you a good idea of the categories of searches that may be appropriate for you and the types of information you may find.

The National Library of Israel and Tel Aviv University have a new format for the Historical Jewish Press. The search process has been changed a little since the webinar was prepared but you should find the new format to be “user friendly”.

We hope that you will enjoy “Amazing What You Find in Old Newspapers – Case Study of the Historical Jewish Press” and that it will give you a source for an additional method of finding important details and stories about your family.

(We apologize – the slides and voice may not always be in sync.)



As a tribute to the memory of Pamela Weisberger z”l, who passed away suddenly in September, 2015, IGRA has received permission from her family to make Pamela’s recorded lectures available to the public. She had so much to give to everyone and we will add the other recordings from time to time. May her memory be for a blessing.

This lecture/webinar deals with different innovative approaches to genealogy research and was recorded in front of an audience in Petach Tikva in October, 2012.

Pamela Weisberger



IGRA Webinar that was broadcast on Monday, March 23, 2015: Galia Duvidzon, Director of the Oded Yarkoni Historical Archive and Museum of Petach Tikva talks about the archive in our Archives in Israel Series. This Archive received the Stern Grant in 2013 for the purpose of recording the oral history of the settlement, doing so by interviewing the descendants of the founders of Petach Tikva, its first industrialists, teachers and adults who learned in the first schools in Petach Tikva. This material will be made available to genealogists, family historians and the public via the archives.

נא להכיר את הארכיון לתולדות פתח תקוה ע”ש עודד ירקוני. גליה דובדיזון, מנהלת הארכיון מציגה בפנינו את הארכיון. הארכיון משמש כארכיון של עיריית פתח תקוה, מוזאין הראשונים והקהילה הפתח-תקוואית. בארכיון חומר מייסוד המושבה בשנת 1878 ועד היום. ישנם ארכיונים אישיים, תיעוד בעל פה, אוסף תצלומים ואף מסמכי אדמיניסטרציה של המושבה שמהווים מקור עשיר לחוקרי שורשים מהארץ ומחו”ל