By Daniella Alyagon

This morning I sat down to review the latest document uploaded by the Israel State Archives.

I will try to provide some information about the files I have found to be of interest.

Government of Palestine (British Mandate) – Land Registry

Inheritances, wills, alimony, endowment and more

188 files dating back to the years 1927-1941 have been uploaded.

From the number of files, I have viewed these files hold the correspondence over the change of ownership to these lands.

Sadly, the names mentioned have not been indexed, so some work is required in order to determine whether the file is relevant to your research or not.

Film #

There are a number of Land Registry files that appear under the title “Film #”. Some were uploaded in October and others previously.

Again, I have only viewed several of these. What I have found were registrations of assets in which one can find the names of owners as well as information about changes in ownership.

In the description of the files, you may find the town name as well as plot numbers. Knowing these details will simplify the search.

Income Tax, Haifa

Some things never change – no one likes to pay, even more so when we talk about tax payments (:

This was the case in 1946 and you can find the lists of debtors here.

Custodian of Enemy Property

The description that appears in the catalog is “Nazareth, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv – Personal Files” but in fact, these are Enemy Vesting Orders from the Custodian of Enemy Property (a branch of the Government of Palestine during the Mandate).

This file contains information about the owners of the assets.

No indexation is available.

Entry Visa

A number of files holding correspondence about entry permits have been uploaded. Some of these provide lists of names as well.

The following list is Incomplete:

British Citizens

For the majority of those searching for Jewish Families in Israel this file would probably not hold any interest. However, if you are researching British families in Israel this is a file I would not skip.

This file contains a “Nominal roll of British civilians non-essential in Palestine who were admitted to Egypt under special arrangements” during early February 1947.

Good luck with your searches.


* Daniella Alyagon, genealogy researcher and founder of Alyagon Genealogy.