Do you want your family story to be preserved for generations? Archivist and historian Denise Rein will present an interactive lecture in which we will learn about family documents and what to do with the historical treasures that are buried in our homes. Participants will receive practical tips on how to create and preserve a family archive.

Denise Rein was born in Switzerland and immigrated to Jerusalem in 1979. She studied at the Hebrew University and earned a master’s degree in general history. For nearly 30 years she worked at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem. There she dealt with collections in many languages: German, Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and more. Combining practical work and professional courses, she learned all aspects of her work as an archivist.

Today, as a retiree, Denise lectures on the importance of preserving family documents, and explains why and how we can pass on our archival treasures to future generations. She also assists private clients in sorting, cataloguing and preserving their family archives.

The lecture was part of the Genealogy & Technology 2024 webinar series on May 26, 2024.