Ottoman Administration ( -1917)

  • Liste des proteges allemands dan l’Empire Ottoman
    A list of 464 residents in the Ottoman Empire who are registered as proteges of Germany. The document is found in the Israel State Archives.
  • Delegates to the 1st Zionist Congress 1897   
    The list was reconstructed in the 1935 Protocol of the Zionist Conference. The Protocol can be found in the reading room of the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.  
  • Yahrzeit List from an Old Age Home in Jersalem 1799-1903      Folder - Work in Progress
    A list of 1,276 residents in the home and their Yahrzeit dates . The document is found in the Jerusalem Municipal Archives.
  • Delegates to the Zionist Congress 1907-1913
    The protocols of the Zionist Congress included lists of the delegates starting in 1907. The 1913 congress was the last congress to take place before World War I. The lists of delegates are from the protocols in the library of the Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem.
  • List of Students & Staff of Gymnasia Haivrit, Yaffo 1908-9
    A list of students and staff as it appeared in the report that was published the following year.
  • Kollel List 1912
    A list of families who received assistance “haluka” and which kollel they belonged to in 1912. The list includes names and ages of spouses and children all totaling 867. Document from the Barshad collection at the Pedagogic Center of Safed.
  • Yemenites in Rehovot 1914
    This list of 278 Yemenites was taken from a handwritten document in the  Archive of the History of Rehovot.
  • Register of Births British Consulate Jaffa till 1914    
    This database is a list of 34 births registered at the British Consulate in Jaffa between 1900 through 1914. The database contains the date of birth of the child, the name of the child, the names of both of the parents and the date of registration. This document was found at the National Archives (UK).
  • Graduating Classes of Gymnasia Herzlia 1913-1917       new-item-small
    There were 222 students who finished in the five graduating classes of Gymnasia Herzlia between 1913-1917. The gymnasia started in 1905 in Yafo. In December 1910 on the eve of Hanukah the Gymnasia moved to its new building in Tel-Aviv. The database is built from the list of graduates that appears in the book: Gymnasia Herzlia: A Hundred Years published in 2004.
  • Safed Burials 1433-2000 from the new & part of the old cemetery
    • Safed Old Cemetery – A PARTIAL list of 5,141 burials in the ancient (on the slope of the hill) cemetery. Based on incomplete lists by Rami Yisrael and R. Auman.
    • Safed New Cemetery – A list of 3,497 burials in the new (bottom of the hill) cemetery through 2006. Based on the Hevra Kadisha List
  • Habazeleth – various lists extracted from the newspaper
    • Flour for Pesach – Yaffo 1894 קמחא דפסחא
      A list of 81 members of the community who either received Kimcha Depasha or contributed to the fund.

    Habazeleth was a periodical published in 1863 and between 1870 and 1911 published in Jerusalem (Ottoman Palestine). The collection may be found on the Historical Jewish Press website. For most of the years of its existence, Israel Dov Frumkin (1850-1914) was Habazeleth’s editor and owner.

  • Haskafa – various lists extracted from the newspaper     Folder - Work in Progress
    • Official announcement about the election of the Sephardic committee 1897
    • Purim Contributions to the School for the Blind in Jerusalem 1902 & 1904
    • List of Donations published in June 1903 
    • List of Donations published in July 1903
    • Patients at Misdav Ladach Hospital  1903 & September 1903  
    • List of Donations published in February 1907

    Hashkafa was a periodical published by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda between 1896 and 1908 (with an intermission in 1901) in Jerusalem (Ottoman Palestine). The collection may be found on the Historical Jewish Press website.

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