This latest release of databases has seven new databases and additions to four others. These span the years between 1922 and 1956. We have a preview of those being released and encourage you to look at it. There are now close to 940,000 records in 310 databases.

1922 Tel Aviv Census – This census was done in Hebrew and the first conducted by the British in Palestine. It asks for the following information: Name, Age, Relation to Head of household, How long they stayed in Yaffo, Profession, Address, Comments. There are 13,261 people listed, not all of the census remains. The census was found at the Historical Municipal Archives of Tel-Aviv – Yaffo.  (images available)

1938 Medical Practitioners – This is a list of Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists and Midwives who have been licensed in accordance with the various Ordinances regulating their professions and published by the Department of Health. The booklets were found in the National Library of Israel. (images available)

Kefar Warburg Founders, 1939 – A list of the 82 founders as displayed in the settlement. The data contains name, names of parents, gender and birth date.  (no images available)

Illegal Immigrants, 1941 – This database from pages of  The Palestine Police Force – Criminal Investigation Department, Government of Palestine and is composed of “prohibited immigrants” lists found in files in the Israel State Archives. This database is in English. The included data: Surname, Other names, Sex, Age, Nationality and Remarks. (images available)

Matriculation Results as listed in the Palestine Gazette 1942-44 – The matriculation exam results were published in the Palestine Gazette. The lists published between June 1942 to June 1944 contained 767 students. The data included has surname, other names and the school. The material is from the David J. Light Law Library, TAU. (images available)

Refugees in Teheran – A group of civilians accompanied Anders’ Army on its travels from the USSR to the Middle East during World War II. This is one of the lists of civilians. It includes the names of 447 adults and children. The data has surname, other names, birth year and town of origin. The database is in English. The list is from the Central Zionist Archives. (no images available)

HaShomer HaTzair – HaShomer HaTzair in Poland 1947-1948.  A collection of lists including 964 names. The lists are from HaShomer HaTzair Archives at Yad Yaari. The information is in Polish and includes surname, other names, date of record, birth year, gender and comments. (images available)

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates, 1921-48 – These are not the same as the ledgers in the Rabanut, but are the certificates issued upon request. Some certificates are for marriages that took place 3-20 years before. These are from the Israel State Archives. This is an addition to the certificates previously released and available on the IGRA website. (images available)

Operation On Eagles’ Wings (Magic Carpet ) Yemenite Airlift – Phase 3: The third phase of the airlift began after the Imam of Yemen agreed to allow more than 45,000 members of the remaining Jewish community to leave. The list includes names, sex, birth year, weight, and family status. This database is done in cooperation with the JDC. (no images available)

Name Changes 1955-56 – The lists from which this database was built were published in Yalkut HaPirsumim (the official publication of the government of Israel). The information is in Hebrew and contains prior surname, prior other names, new surname, new other names, date of record, locality, ID number. The information is located at the David J. Light Law Library, TAU. (images available)

Habonim Dror – Various listings from Habonim Dror in England. 816 names from various activities. The lists are from the archives at Yad Tabenkin.  The information is in English. The data could have the following: surname, other names, father’s name, address, school and affiliation among others. (images available)

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