Blogs of Interest to Jewish Genealogists

Ancestral Discoveries
– Janice M. Sellers is a professional genealogist who specializes in newspaper and Jewish research and has experience researching many other ethnic groups. She is the editor of The Galitzianer, the journal focused on Jewish research in the former Austrian province of Galicia, and of ZichronNote, the newsletter of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society. Blog started in 2011.

ארכיון מושב צופית (Archive Moshav Tsofit)
ארכיון מושב צופית התמקם במשכנו הנוכחי, בינואר 2009, במועדון התרבות ליד הספרייה. במקביל לאיסוף החומר וארגון הרשומות התחלנו בהפצת המידע המצטבר וביוזמות שמטרתן להנגיש את החומרים לתושבים בעבר ובהווה. בלוג זה הוא כלי נוסף לשיתוף התושבים והמתעניינים בפעילות השוטפת.

Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More
– Genealogy techniques with a focus on Jewish genealogy. Home of the B&F Forms System, a series of genealogy forms you can use to help you with your genealogy research, Enhanced Genealogy Search and more.

Cemetery Scribes Blog
– records inscriptions from Jewish Cemeteries throughout the UK.

Chaim Freedman
– Jewish genealogy blog from the author of Eliyahu’s Branches, The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family. Started in 2007.

Effron Family History
– Jim Yarin’s Blog describing his bordering-on-obsession hobby of recording the genealogy of families named Efron, Effron, Ephron, Affron, etc. and the many other English variants of the Jewish Families which bear this surname.

The Ehpes/Czernowitz/Bukovina Blog
– The purpose of this Blog is to give voice to those topics that are generally considered off-topic on the Czernowitz-L discussion group.

Eliyahu’s Branches
– Updates of Chaim Freedman’s book “Eliyahu’s Branches, the Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family”

Everything I Know About Hyman Victor, Genealogy and Family History
Everything I Know is a repository for information about the life of my late great grandfather Hyman Victor, a Jewish immigrant who came to America in 1913. The exhibits at left tell the story of his life, through the vital records, photos, and oral history he left behind.

The Ginger Jewish Genealogist
– Banai Feldstein’s blog on genealogy and life, started in 2010. Banai is a professional genealogist who lives in Salt Lake City.

(going) The Extra Yad…a helping hand in genealogy
– Emily Garber’s personal genealogy blog, started 2012.

Israel’s Documented Story
The English-language blog of the Israel State Archives (ISA)

Jewish Gen’s Genealogy: Mining for Your Elusive Ancestors
Marilyn likes to find and use foreign language sites for information to present to you, particularly from but not limited to Eastern Europe.

A Jewish Genealogy Journey
– Researching my husband’s Jewish roots.

The JewishGen Blog
– The official blog of JewishGen

Jewish Graveyard Rabbit
– A blog on international Jewish cemeteries, preservation and restoration projects, reading Hebrew tombstones and more. Charter Member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

Jewish Vilkaviskis
– For all those good folks that are interested in Jewish Valkaviskis.

Journey to Recite the Kaddish in Uzlyany
– Join us on our journey as we research the history of Eli and Fruma Fuchs of Uzlyany in Belarus. Our goal is to one day soon visit the place were Eli and Fruma were killed during the Holocaust. Started in 2011.

The Knowles Collection
– Todd Knowles’ blog on the Knowles Collection, a database of hundreds of thousands of Jews from the British Isles, the Americas, Europe, Caribbean, Africa and the Orient.

Layers of the Onion – A Family History Exploration
– This blog explores a family history search that takes the author to the Vilnius Yiddish Institute in Lithuania, the Vilnius Archives and the shtetls from which her family came. It discusses the planning for the trip and will report on her journey while in the Baltic States. As the author is both an artist and a genealogist it will also address her family history artwork.

Litvak Portal

– This blog explores the Jewish roots in Lithuania and the immigration of the Jews from Lithuania to various places around the world.

מדור לדור
שורשים משפחתיים – תעלומות ותגליות

משפחתובלוגיה (Mishpachtoblogia)
כאן, מעל דפי הבלוג הזה, ננסה לתהות על התשובות ועל השאלות, על מוצאנו ועל עתידנו, על חיפושים ועל מציאות. ובקיצור, על חיינו בחיפוש מתמיד Blog (Jewish Category)
– Blog of the family tree website company

נפגשים בארכיון (Meet the Archives)
נִפְגשִים בְּארְכִיוֹן – הוא מרחב (או מרווח) בו נוכל להפגש, לקרוא ולהתעדכן בנושאים הקשורים בארכיונאות ובנו, אנשי המקצוע, ובנושאים משיקים מעוררי ענין.

סיפורי ארץ-ישראל – מצבות מדברות 1850-1950 (Israeli Tombstones)
זה אוסף סיפורי ארץ-ישראל. הסיפורים משתרעים על פני מאה שנים החל משנת 1850 ועד סופה של שנת 1950. אלה סיפורים על אנשים פשוטים או נשכחים שמצאו את מותם בלא עת עקב היותם חלק מהסיפור הציוני, מרצונם או שלא מרצונם, בארץ ומחוצה לה.

Our Jewish Genealogy’s Journal
– Blog of Dmitri Tartakovsky, including the use of genetic genealogy.

Papa’s Blog
– I like to talk about the things that interest me. In decreasing order of priority, these are genealogy, particularly Jewish genealogy, computers, woodworking, healthcare systems – particularly the Ontario variety and cooking.

– A very visual look at Judy  Wilkenfeld’s search for her family.

Ruby Family History Project
– Join us on a multimedia journey into the Jewish-American roots of our parents, Stanley and Helga Ruby. May their memories inspire us.

A Sense of Face
– Family, pictures and memory: each week, a new face from the familial past and the story that goes with it.

Sephardic Genealogy
– A blog on Sephardi genealogy, in particular the Sephardi community from Amsterdam.

תולדות ושורשים בעם ישראל (History and Roots of the Nation of Israel)
סבא שלי היה רב… כל אחד מאיתנו אוהב להתפאר בסבא מלפני כמה דורות שהיה רב, והוא לתפארת השושלת המשפחתית. לא תמיד יודעים בדיוק, מי היה הסבא? מתי הוא חי? ואיפה בדיוק הוא ממוקם בעץ המשפחה? בבלוג תוכלו להיעזר בבניית אילן יוחסין, במהלך עבודת השורשים, או סתם מחקר גנאלוגי

Tracing The Tribe: The Jewish Genealogy Blog
– Tracing The Tribe is a blog about Jewish genealogy. Started in 2006 at, the request of the JTA, it later became independent.