Show & Tell

Show & Tell is IGRA’s new series of online meetings, which are currently running every Monday night (9 pm Israel time) in English and every Wednesday night (9 pm Israel time) in Hebrew. These are short 40 minute sessions where we offer practical assistance on a variety of genealogically relevant topics.

Look at the Upcoming Events on the top left of most of our website pages to see what Show & Tell sessions are coming up soon, and to get the link to join those sessions in Zoom. Pre-registration is now necessary for these sessions. Once registered you will receive the link letting you into the session.

The best of these session recordings will be posted to this page so they can continued to be viewed long after the live event occurred.

Philip Trauring ראו וספרו B&F: Jewish Genealogy & More
May 20, 2020
האתר מציג כ-25,000 פריטים - מאמרים, אתרים שונים, מידע על ארצות, מדינות בארה"ב, עיירות בפולין …

Show & Tell - B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More
May 20, 2020
Philip Trauring, President of IGRA, presents his Award winning website B&F: Jewish Genealogy …

ראו וספרו JewishGen Unified Search
May 14, 2020
נבדוק ביחד את היתרונות בחיפוש החדש של המאגרים של ג'ואש …

Show & Tell - JewishGen Unified Search
May 13, 2020
JewishGen has been the main research tool for Jewish Genealogy for most of the world. Recently, …

BillionGraves Show & Tell - Working with BillionGraves
May 6, 2020
Daniel Horowitz explains how to use the BillionGraves website to locate tombstones and to help …

Show & Tell - IGRA Q&A
May 6, 2020
Open mike - Garri Regev answers questions regarding the use of the IGRA Database Collection.…

Show & Tell - Holocaust Resources
April 22, 2020
Garri Regev brings many online resources for Holocaust Research. This particular recording of that …

Show & Tell - IGRA Resources
April 5, 2020
IGRA's first ZOOM session in our Show & Tell series. This session highlights the many …