IGRA recognizes these institutions that have shared documents from their archives, thereby making them searchable on-line. Some archives have agreed to make the scans of the documents available on-line. IGRA is indebted to them and their willingness to advance the availability of information to the public on the internet.

National Archives
Beit Hagdudim Museum
“Bintivey Ha’apala” Clandestine Jewish Immigration Information and Research Center in Memory of Admiral Mordechai (Moka) Limon   (Mahane Hamapalim Atlit)
Central Zionist Archives
Egged Bus Co. Historical Archive *
Genazim Archive
Goldstein Goren Diaspora Center
Historical Jewish Press, website *
The Israeli Center for the Documentation of the Performing Arts
Israel Police Heritage Centre
Israel State Archives *
Jabotinsky Institute in Israel
Joara Museum 
Pinhas Lavon Institute for Labour Movement Research
Yad Ben Zvi Archives
Yad Tabenkin *
Yad Vashem Archives *
Yad Ya’ari Archive *
Aviezer Yellin Archives of Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora
Local Archives
Beit Hameiri in Safed
Conrad Schick Library and Archive *
Council of the Sephardi and Oriental Communities, Jerusalem (stored in the Jerusalem Municipal Archives)
Ein Harod Archives
Ein Zurim Archives
Emek Yizrael Regional Council Archives  
Gymnasia Herzlia
Habima Theater Website
Haifa Municipal Archives *
Kibbutz Hagoshrim Website
Jerusalem Municipal Archives *
Mishmar Haemek And Shomriya Archive
Netanya Municipal Archives
Oded Yarkoni Archives of the History of Petah Tikva *
Pardes Hana – Karkur Archives *
Pedagog Center-Safed
Archive of the Ra’anana Municipality *
Archive of the History of Rehovot *
Historical Municipal Archives of Tel-Aviv – Yaffo *
Moshav Tsofit Archive 
Warburg Archive
Historical Archive of the Zikhron Ya’akov Council
International Archives
Alliance Archives
Archives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) 
Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People  
Montefiore Library London
National Archives (US) in DC *
National Archives (UK) in London *
Personal Archives
Prof. Gur Alroey
Dr. Motti Friedman
Rabbi Gary Gans
Gilad Japhet
Prof. Boris Morozov
Benjamin Pantelat
Ann Rabinowitz
Sarina Roffe
Haim Sidor
Martin Sugarman
Mathilde Tagger
British Library, London (UK)
David J. Light Law Library, TAU *
Library of Congress (US) *
Mehlmann Library, TAU *
National Library of Israel *
Sourasky Central Library TAU  
Yad Ben-Zvi Institute Library *
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