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“IGRA does not endorse or recommend any of the professionals here advertised.
This list is provided as a public service to our visitors and members.”

Aviad Ben Izhak – Yedaat Family Trees
Biography From Israel, 33 years of experience in computing in IDF and Bank Leumi. (Retired from the army as Lt. Col, Head of the School of Computing at Mamram).
– Certified in Business Management MBA
– Graduate of Economy & Political Science

Professionally performs genealogical inquiries.
Researching online databases and archives.
Licensed to research online databases with billions of records.
Nominated as a Geni Curator (May 2017).
Description Wide experience in genealogy – documentation of more than 20,000 of people and unifying information about thousands of families.
Combines years of experience in computing with a vast knowledge of family history in order to achieve the best results.
Areas All over the world.
Contact Mobile : +972-52-890-4306
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Jutta Faehndrich – Dr. Jutta Faehndrich
Biography Historian (MA, PhD) located in Leipzig & Berlin. Multiple published books and over 15 years of experience in Jewish family research.
  • Tracing their lives – We’ll find historical documents and consult local archives for you.
  • Deciphering & translating – As handwriting experts, we can read even the most illegible scrawl.
  • Finding relatives – We’ll leave no stone unturned to unite families or clarify fates of relatives.
  • Remembering – Find out where your ancestors lived, prepare a visit or have Stolpersteine installed.
  • Citizenship – You might be eligible for a European passport – we’ll help you find out.
  • Germany including former Eastern provinces, Poland, Austria & former Habsburg Empire.
  • Languages: Hebrew, English, German, French, Polish
Contact Website:
E-mail: [email protected]

Bryna Lee Jacobson – My Tech Tutor
Biography From Chicago, B.S. Psychology from University of Illinois, CPA with many years of business experience. Aliyah 2009. ​Patient​,​ accomplished tutor​ and partner​ in using modern technolog​y​​ such as computers and smartphones​. ​Research ​paired with the jo​y of ​discovery and ​exploration, demystifies the process​ -​ makes it ​a ​fun, exciting ​productive​ endeavor​.​​​
Description Whether you are new to genealogy or an experienced researcher, the ​​research can be overwhelming. My Tech Tutor provides personalized support and ​guidance ​in the use of computer programs, apps and websites explor​​ing​​ online records and databases to research family histories and creat​e​ family trees.
Areas Recent​ly​ digitizing family trees​/​Israel National Library​ archives​.​ Helping Harriet Kasow, genealogist, retired Hebrew U librar​ian write ​her family history​.​​
Contact mobile: +972-50-772-5767
email: [email protected]

Dr. Rose Lerer Cohen
  • Born in South Africa. Immigrated to Israel 1978
  • Family Researcher and Independent Holocaust Researcher with two decades of experience
  • PhD: Resilience and Achievement of Lithuanian Child Holocaust Survivors
  • Publication: Lerer Cohen, Rose & Issroff, Saul: The Holocaust in Lithuania: A Book of Remembrance. Gefen 2002.
  • Board Member of APG (Association of Professional Genealogists), Board member of LitvakSIG, Past Board Member of IGRA and of the IGRA Audit Committee
  • I specialize in genealogy research can connect you to your ancestral past
  • I can assist you to re-create your family history; celebrate life’s memories
  • I can search for and unite with family members lost in the Holocaust
  • I can assist you in obtaining second passports in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Germany
  • I can research the archives and assist you to locate documentsyou’re your genealogy research
  • I can assist you to leverage your family history towards EU citizenship.
  • Israel, South Africa, Lithuania (cooperation with researchers world over)
  • Holocaust Research.
  • Oral History Interviews
  • Expert Opinion
  • Languages: English Afrikaans Hebrew Yiddish
Contact Rose Lerer Cohen – Kin-Search Israel
Genealogy and Research Consultants

Roman Ravve
Biography From Kiev, B.A. Philosophy with the major in Jewish Studies from International Solomon University. Full time genealogist since 2014 with the primary focus on Jewish ancestry.
Description Preparing a research plan, locate the appropriate archival inventories, check the files, make copies, translate, build family tree charts and trace the descendants all the way to the living relatives, finding the documents for immigration or proving property ownership. The testimonials on demand.
Areas Areas: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia Languages: Russian, Polish, Yiddish, Ukrainian
Contact E-mail: [email protected] Phone/Whatsapp: +38-096-9620678

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“IGRA does not endorse or recommend any of the professionals here advertised.
This list is provided as a public service to our visitors and members.”