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The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) is the largest genealogy society in Israel. We are constantly striving to be among the most technologically advanced genealogy organizations, bringing energy and innovation family research. We work with dozens of archives to make records available online, from where we’ve added over a million records to our database. We welcome you to our web site, and welcome your input on how we can improve the site.

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IGRA Annual Seminar Day - June 23 2020
June 1, 2020
Registration for the IGRA Seminar Day: https://bit.ly/IGRAYomIyun להרשמה One registration for the event is all you need. You can …

אוסף העמותה למחקר גנאלוגי בישראל – המאגר הנגיש של מסמכים לחקר גנאלוגי בישראל - רוז פלדמן
May 26, 2020
מטרת האוסף היא הנגשת מסמכים על אנשים שהתגוררו בארץ ישראל החל מהמאה ה-19. אספנו סריקות של מסמכים מארכיונים רבים בארץ ובחו"ל. נכון להיום, יש …

Philip Trauring ראו וספרו B&F: Jewish Genealogy & More
May 20, 2020
האתר מציג כ-25,000 פריטים - מאמרים, אתרים שונים, מידע על ארצות, מדינות בארה"ב, עיירות בפולין ויותר B&F: Jewish Genealogy and …

Show & Tell - B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More
May 20, 2020
Philip Trauring, President of IGRA, presents his Award winning website B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More and the Compendium of Jewish …

Genealogy in Western Europe, Jeanette R. Rosenberg OBE
May 18, 2020
Discover new sources for researching your Jewish family history in Western Europe.  Learn about new sources of information. Find out …

Upcoming Show & Tell Zoom meetings with IGRA President Philip Trauring
May 16, 2020
This coming Monday, May 18, 2020, IGRA will be hosting an online Zoom meeting, in its continuing Show & Tell series, in English, …

ראו וספרו JewishGen Unified Search
May 14, 2020
נבדוק ביחד את היתרונות בחיפוש החדש של המאגרים של ג'ואש …

Show & Tell - JewishGen Unified Search
May 13, 2020
JewishGen has been the main research tool for Jewish Genealogy for most of the world. Recently, instead of searching country by country, …

Using the JDC Archives Website and Online Databases for Family Research, Jeffrey Edelstein
May 8, 2020
Jeff Edelstein is the digital initiatives manager at the JDC Archives, where his responsibilities include management of the collections …

BillionGraves Show & Tell - Working with BillionGraves
May 6, 2020
Daniel Horowitz explains how to use the BillionGraves website to locate tombstones and to help with transcribing tombstones right on the …

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