IGRA has just announced a series of webinars, open to everyone, free of charge. There are a limited number of “seats” available so please click to register and reserve your spot. There is a separate registration for each webinar. Reminders
are sent out to those registered a day in advance of the webinar. All of the webinars are on Sunday. The time listed is ISRAEL time (check for your time due to the change to Daylight hours).

March 6, 201619:00 IST (Israel): Sleepless in Seattle? Not This August!, Chuck Weinstein. Chuck is Co-Chair of the 36th Annual IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. Here is your chance for a preview of the upcoming IAJGS Conference to be held this year in Seattle. The IAJGS International Conference is an opportunity to learn with and from so many different options. Every conference has a different “flavor” and Seattle may be perfect for you. Early registration is until April 30,2016. You’ll want to know about all of the special aspects of this conference.
Register now for this webinar!

March 13, 201619:00 IST (Israel): Sources for Jewish Genealogy in Ukraine – Part II, Tomasz Jankowski. Following the webinar Tomasz did for IGRA a couple of years ago (available on the IGRA website to all for a limited time) we received many requests for an additional opportunity to hear from Tomasz. Check the earlier webinar and then prepare your questions! A portion of this webinar will be dedicated to answering questions you pose to Tomasz in advance. Registration is a must and send us your questions by March 6.

April 10, 2016 – 23:00 IDT (Israel): The Ins and Outs of IGRA’s Database Collection, Garri Regev. Garri is President of IGRA and will present this webinar from Oakland, CA. She will describe the IGRA collection and demonstrate how to look for records in Israel – what is available, what is not and the kinds of information that will be available in the future. Join us for tips on making the most of the resources on the IGRA website. If you can’t be in Oakland – register for the webinar.

May 1, 201619:00 IDT (Israel): United States Holocaust Museum’s Electronic Resources, Megan Lewis. Here is a unique opportunity to learn about the electronic resources available at the United States Holocaust Museum from Megan Lewis their Reference Librarian. This webinar is filling up quickly!  Click here to register and guarantee your spot.

May 22, 2016 – 19:00 IDT (Israel): Getting the Most from Genetic Testing (for Ashkenazi Jews), Arlene and Sid Sachs. The topic of DNA is very “hot”. This talk is designed answer the question “Now that I have my testing results as an Ashkenazi Jew, what should I do? This talk will talk about the results from the three major genetic tests, Y-DNA, mt-DNA and autosomal DNA and how best to use them to connect families. There are still spaces available but we urge you to sign up now.

June 26, 2016 – 19:00 IDT (Israel): Using Directories and Maps for Genealogy, Jeanette Rosenberg. A topic aimed to give you practical advice and suggestions for making use of these resources. Jeanette has lectured widely and following this webinar everyone should have new avenues to search and apply to their family research. Register to join us.