At the outset IGRA wanted to bring to you a set of documents accessible by a bi-lingual search engine. We began modestly and behind the scenes have made improvements aimed at delivering a more advanced result to your research. So, along with adding databases (and we have many more that will be added in the coming months) we have upgraded the search options as well. A while ago we released the option of searching by locality. If you are looking for records only from a specific place you can use the Locality filter and the results will only reflect that area.

Today we are introducing another two new improvements. All of the locations mentioned in our results pages now have a link to Google Maps that will allow you to see its position on the map. Also we noticed that the results pages were not showing all of the information that should be available. We believe that this glitch is now solved and invite you to recheck our All Israel Databases to see if there is more available now. (We are aware that not all of the images are showing at this time and this will be our next big improvement.)




Our thanks to Brooke Schreier Ganz, Daniel Horowitz & Rose Feldman (and our many volunteers) for all of their help with these eight nights of Chanukah and more.