An additional 13,000 records have been added to IGRA’s All Israel Databases. A preview is available  including information about each of the additions. Two of these databases have new data added and five are new to our collection. We thank the participating Archives and the many volunteers who worked to prepare these databases.

An attempt is made to provide variety to our collection and this release continues this precedent. We have something for the British Mandate and State of Israel time divisions; marriage/divorce, voters, occupations, youth movements and illegal immigration.

HaShomer HaTzair Members in Galicia, 1919-1920: This information comes from the Archives at Givat Haviva. It is a handwritten, alphabetical list in latin characters. Alongside the name is the city the person is from. (images available)

Voters’ List – Knesset Israel, 1936: This list comes from the Central Zionist Archives and is an update. The people mentioned here were eligible (considered adults) to vote in the Assembly of Representatives (of the Jewish community in British controlled Palestine). The information includes the name of the father and the locality and is in Hebrew. (no images available)

Members of the Histadrut HaMorim (Teacher’s Union) 1945: The information was located at the Tel Aviv University library and is in Hebrew. The list mentions members according to city and school. (images available).

Births to Cyprus Detainees, 1948-49: In IGRA’s continued cooperation with the JDC Archives we are able to present this new database. From 1946 until early 1949, the British confined over 53,000 Jewish refugees not permitted to enter Palestine, many of whom were Holocaust survivors, in detention camps on Cyprus. These weekly lists document babies born to residents of the camps during the period August 1948-February 1949. The lists record more than 500 births and include date of birth, sex, mother’s name, and camp number. A link is provided on the detail page to the record on the JDC Archive website. The lists are in English. (no image available)

South Africans Fallen in Israel: The information regarding the 87 people mentioned here is taken from the Memorial in the Lavi Forest. In addition to the name, birth and death dates are given when known. (no image available)

Hapoel Haifa Soccer Players: These names represent players for Hapoel Haifa Soccer team over the years and is available on the internet. The position played by each is mentioned and sometimes a birth year is available. (no image available)

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates: This addition is part of our ongoing project with the Israel State Archives. Each certificate provides rich detail regarding the husband and wife, their parents and – in some instances – the witnesses. The certificates are primarily in Hebrew but in some cases the names are in English as well. It is easily possible to see the transcription of the information on the spouse by doing a second search once you have the name from the certificate. (images available)

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We always welcome new volunteers to help us prepare the various databases. Please write to us at [email protected] for further information or sign up to help with our online indexing project.