The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) announces a new version of its Beta Search Engine for the All Israel Database (AID) allowing you to search names in Hebrew or Latin letters.  All databases include the transliteration of the names.  Double names are split into separate fields.  The search engine checks all fields that are names.  At this time it searches each field, however a search for “Moshe Cohen” will bring up all mentions of “Moshe” and all mentions of “Cohen”.  The search is currently for the exact spelling you type in.  You will notice on the search results page there is a number on the left side. Clicking on the number will take you to the individual record. First and last names and the name of the Database appear in both Hebrew and English.  The rest of the information is in the language of the database.  The accompanying scans of the documents are not attached yet to the records.

While we are in this time of transition (our new search engine is currently being developed) we have added five new databases and have had to temporarily remove access to three others.

The new databases:

Rehavia Address Book June 1935 – This address book was found in the collection of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Center. It was published by the “Rehavia” Mutual Benefit Society Committee and was sold for 25 Eretz Israel mil. It includes people’s names, addresses and occupations.

Members in Agricultural Organizations in Petah Tikvah 1931-1936 – A list of 1,802 members in agricultural organizations during the years 1931-6. The collection of documents is from the Oded Yarkoni Petah Tikva History Archive .

List of Candidates for the First Knesset (Constituent Assembly) 1949 – A list of 1,282 candidates for the 1st  Knesset published in Yalkut HaPirsumim (the official publication of the government of Israel) on January 19, 1949.

Practical Nurses 1951-52 – A list of 169 pratical nurses, where they studied and when they passed their exam. The list is a composite of a number of lists published in Yalkut HaPirsumim.

List of Persons Authorized to Act as Lawyers in Civil Courts in 1956 – A list of 1,544 authorized lawyers for the civil courts published in Yalkut HaPirsumim on various dates in 1956.

You can now search through 41,000 entries.  Many more databases will be added in the coming weeks. Still others are being prepared.

IGRA welcomes volunteers from anywhere in the world to help on these projects.  You need to have Excel and know how to use it. Please contact us at: [email protected] and specify if you can read and type Hebrew and/or English and if you know how to transliterate from one language to the other.