As our hearts are turned towards family in this season, IGRA is offering a new member benefit to encourage you to begin your family history journey. Join IGRA in the coming days and enjoy membership through the end of 2018! Why not begin your search through more than one million records, avail yourselves of our many valuable resource aids plus articles and recorded lectures on a variety of genealogical topics?

The IGRA membership dues remain the same for 2018 – 150 NIS ($45 overseas) for a single membership and 200 NIS ($60 overseas) for a couples membership.

To join you must first be registered on the IGRA website. Once you are logged in you can follow the About IGRA – Join IGRA Now menus or click this link. Our connection to PayPal makes your membership payment quick and easy. You can either use your PayPal account or look for the option of using a credit card on their form. After payment you should have member status and be able to access all sections of the IGRA website. If you choose to mail in a check to our Israel address know that your benefits will take effect only following receipt of the check.

Only those with paid membership can see the scanned images that accompany many of our records in the All Israel Database section. Additional records are added to our collection regularly.

This benefit is for NEW members only. (Renewing members will have their membership extended through the end of 2018.) We look forward to welcoming you and having you as part of our worldwide membership.

We wish you a G’mar Chatima Tova and a year filled with new connections to your past.