Immigration Impacting Genealogy Research

The all-day virtual event will take place on June 26, 2022 from 10:30 am – 5:10 pm (Israel Time).

The morning session will consist of 3 lectures in Hebrew. The afternoon session will consist of 3 lectures in English.

Advance registration is required.

Seminar Day Program 2022

The Hebrew and English program of today’s seminar is varied and touches on differing aspects of Aliya and genealogical research.

The title of the Hebrew presentation of Prof. Eli Tzur, is reminiscent of the discussions we had prior to our Aliya – attempting to fulfill the aims of the Movement    Was it aliya to a kibbutz, or town, a development town or a Settlement?   Yes, there were differences!

Through Dr Ziv’s Hebrew presentation we will have the opportunity to gain an important deeper understanding of the Ethiopian Community and the Ethiopian Aliya.

Ruti Marshansky who is presenting in Hebrew on The Tehran children and the Archivists from The Atlit Ha’apala Detention Center presenting in English, provide different historical perspectives of Aliya and its hardships. The Archivists from the Detention Center,  will also give us insight into their holdings and Rose Feldman’s English presentation will focus on the huge bank of documents held in the IGRA collection.

Dr Ben Yaakov’s English presentation reminds me once again of our(Rose Lerer Cohen) aliya – my mother-in-law said, “why go now to a young country, you are newlyweds with a young baby, stay here (in South Africa) establish yourselves then go”  ….. we had no dilemma! 

The contribution of Olim to the State of Israel is quite astonishing. We have come from far and wide at different times throughout Zionist history which complicate genealogical research.  We hope that today’s seminar will not only enlighten you but also provide you with tools to further your research and break down brick walls as it touches on all aspects of genealogy research.