The IGRA website provides the genealogy researcher more than our database collection. In addition we have a variety of Resources, Articles and Videos/Recorded lectures. On a regular basis we add to each of these collections. All of our resources are connected to genealogy but not all are connected directly to genealogy in Israel. In the Resources section you can find materials to help you with research in many regions of the world, including Israel. One resource that you may not have noticed is “The Holocaust in France: A Resource Guide”.

Jean-Pierre Stroweis has prepared an amazing compilation of references to the Holocaust in France. Some materials are in French, others in English – some are in both. There are links to websites as well as references to books. In addition to background, descriptions and explanations there are lists of names with information regarding those people.

If you are researching this time period in France these are important resources for you to explore, and for all of us a reference to help us grasp the enormity of this time in our history.