I happened to be sitting in a meeting today at Yad VaShem when those around the table realized that today, ten years ago, Yad VaShem made available online their collection of Pages of Testimony. What a remarkable milestone!

Many archives have begun the process of digitizing their holdings. Each archive deciding their priorities and then, once they have digitized material, how to present it to the public. It is difficult to keep up with all of the changes in all the many archives.

Yad VaShem then boldly made material available to the public on their website and continues now with an extensive plan to gather and add more and more records to their online collection. If you have not checked recently for information regarding the Holocaust period, now might be a good time to check again.

Those living in Israel will have opportunities in the coming months to see and understand more of what Yad VaShem is gathering and preparing to make available. All those planning to be in Jerusalem for the upcoming IAJGS International Jewish Genealogy Conference, 6-10 July 2015, will want to plan to visit Yad VaShem and/or hear their presentations at the conference.