The AID (All Israel Databases) has grown again and now contains over 830,000 records!

Some of the new additions compliment databases we published in the past and others are new. You can see the preview of the databases included in this release along with details of explanation here. We hope that you will find some new information on family in these databases.

1937 Voters List Knesset Israel – still a partial list, but now with 1,069 entries. (no images)

Histadrut Members who Served in the British Forces in WWII – A list with now more than 15,000 Histadrut Members that served in the British Forces.  The scans of the ledger were given to IGRA by the Yad Vashem Archives. (images available)

ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) Volunteers – Various lists dealing with the volunteers are found in archives around the country. We have now added a list from the Central Zionist Archives. (no images)

Medical Practitioners, 1936 – This is a listing of Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists and Midwives who were licensed in accordance with the various Ordinances regulating their professions published by the Department of Health. The booklet was found in the National Library of Israel. (images available)

Immigration to Palestine, 1942-1943 – A list of 2,000 immigrants from various documents from the Central Zionist Archives. (no images)

Kadoorie Agricultural School Graduates – A list of 5,261 graduates of the Kadoorie Agricultural School taken from the website of the school. (no images)

19th Committee of Histadrut Teachers Candidates – A list of 664 candidates for the 19th  Histadrut Teachers’ Council election found in the Archives of Jewish Education in Israel and Diaspora Studies. The candidates are from ten different parties. (images available)

Tiberias Educators (1969-1996) – A list of 672 educators appearing in the Tiberias Department of Education Publications found in the Aviezer Yellin Archives of Jewish Education in Israel. (images available)

Newly Appointed Rabbis in Settlements, 2014 – A list of 48 new Rabbis in various settlements. (no images)

Shana Tova!!