Before we close out the month of May, IGRA has added additional databases to our collection. Our collection now has 766,558 records that are represented in at least 271 different databases. Please look at our preview of the newest databases.

Lists of Immigrants from Hungary 1947
This addition completes the database. There are four different files totaling approximately 35,000 names. All are currently in the Central Zionist Archives.

Miscellaneous Lists Dealing with Immigration from Europe 1942-43

  • Women & Children Authorized to Enter Palestine, 1942
  • List of Wives & children in Poland Applied for by Palestinian Residents, 1942
  • Von Dr. Enzer beigelegten Liste – verzeichnis der Personen von Pecarus, 1943
  • Barlas Goldin Continental Hotel, 1940’s
  • Schedule – Women & Children Authorized to Enter Palestine, 1942
  • List of Returned Visas, 1942
    All are currently in the Central Zionist Archives.

Parcels to Poland 1946-7

The list of people in Palestine who sent parcels to Poland through the JOINT (JDC). The document is found in the Archives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). We are showing the names of donors who sent parcels to Jews in Poland as requested via JDC’s Jerusalem office.

If you locate the name of a donor in this database, when you click on the DETAILS button you will see a description of the database and at the very bottom, a link for additional information. This link takes you to the JDC website, to their search result page for that name. Clicking on the “+” on the list of Remitter or Beneficiary will show you the name of the recipient as well as the community they lived in at that time in Poland. Further down their page is a link to a PDF – “View Document” which opens up the page where the name you are searching is mentioned.

This database gives the names and addresses for the sender in Israel and the recipient in Poland.

We take this opportunity to thank the JDC for sharing this database with us and we look forward to additional projects of cooperation.