“Keeping the Memory of Mysovaya Alive”, November 4, 2013 AACI

Keeping the Memory of Mysovaya Alive
In the small Siberian town near Lake Baykal, is an old Jewish cemetery.  The last burial took place in 1937 and many of the surviving tombstones are broken or missing.  Among the five thousand inhabitants of Mysovaya, there are still some distant descendants of these Jews. 
Soviet defector Vladimir Rott started a new life in Canada in 1974 and a few years ago, told his life story in a two-volume memoir In Defiance of Fate:  Joy from Sadness and Joy of Discoveries. 
He now is helping to restore the Jewish cemetery of Mysovaya and will speak about his story and about the construction of the “Shalom” Memorial in memory of all those who are buried in the cemetery. 
When:  Monday, November 4th at 17:30
Where:  AACI – Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman Family Center, 37 Pierre Koenig, Talpiot, 4th Floor.
Cost:  Free for AACI members, 25 NIS guests
For more information:  02-566-1181