Come at 6:30 pm to ask your questions of our experts.

Program begins at 7 pm at the AACI Glassman Family Center, 37 Pierre Koenig/2 Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot.  Topic: “Children, Childhood and Life Cycle Rituals in Medieval and Early Modern Ashkenaz”.


Many genealogical researchers regret not getting important information from relatives when they had the opportunity to do so. Now, here’s a chance to “listen in” on many aspects of family life going back in time to the 16th -18th centuries.  What did they think then about children and their role in the family and larger community.  Additional topics include the roles of women and girls; lifelong relationships between grown children and their parents; daily rituals in the home; developments in the Jewish educational system; life cycle events; the “wimple” and the unique Ashkenazi custom “hollekreisch”.  Plan to join us for a chance to be a “fly on the wall” and overhear about family patterns, customs and lifestyles in days gone by.  This is an opportunity to connect some of the dots with various customs and traditions.


Our presenter for this special program is Tali Berner, PhD. She has a doctorate in Jewish History from Hebrew University, specializes in Childhood Studies and Early Modern Ashkenazi Culture and is on the faculty of Tel Aviv University.