“International Workers’ Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the international labour movement. May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries.” (Wikipedia)

In collecting information from the various archives we search for appropriate material for our databases.  We look for data that will reflect on life in this corner of the world.  We hope that by highlighting various professions and those active in the Histadrut many will learn (or verify) something about their relatives and add to your family narrative.

Maybe your relatives were candidates in the Histradrut elections in 1959. In 1959 there were four elections for the Histadrut:  Hahistadrut Haklalit (General Council Elections), Va’adat Hapoalot (Women’s Workers’ Council), Histadrut HaHaklaim (Farmers’ Council), Histadrut HaPekidim (Clerks’ Council).

Here are the professions we’ve prepared so far:  Registered Doctors 1948-57, Licensed Tour Guides 1969 , Teachers of The Department of Education of Havaad HaLeumi, Nurse Certification in Mandate Period, List of Dentists Licensed To Practice in 1958,  List of Licensed Pharmacists To Engage In Their Profession In 1958, Histadrut Teachers Center Eretz Israel 1930-31, Registered Nurses, People Authorized to Act As Notaries in 1959-60, Notaries in 1955-56, Practical Nurses 1951-52, Histadrut Teachers Who Died 1949-1951, Guards in Petah Tikva.

Check out these and our other databases,  they are part of the IGRA collection! https://genealogy.org.il/AID/index.php

A special thank you to all of our many volunteers!!