Please check out this preview of the databases we have just added to our collection. In the current release of databases we bring to you the following:

National Library of Israel Ketubot Collection – As of the summer of 2013 the National Library of Israel has a digital collection of over 4,300 ketubot (marriage contracts) from around the world. In cooperation with the National Library, IGRA is making this collection searchable through our search engine with the addition of a transliteration of the names. The earliest ketuba is from Italy, 1511. The collection includes 665 ketubot from the Jewish Theological Seminary collection, 171 from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and ketubot from many private collections.

Nefus Bagdad 1892 – This nefus is of the males who had to pay a tax because they did not serve in the army. The document is in the rare book collection of the National Library of Israel.

Expulsion from Tel Aviv: 17 December 1914 – Among the collection of the Central Zionist Archives, a ledger was found, listing the people expelled from Tel Aviv by the Turks on the 17th of December 1914. The list includes 522 people.

Immigrants After WWI – A collection of documents from the Central Zionist Archives. This is for the period of 1918-1919 and includes Jews entering through Egypt.  The database includes 507 persons.

Kolels in Eretz Yisrael – A combination of three lists found in the collection of the National Library of Israel.  A list from the Austrian-Hungarian Kolel 1889-1890, a list of Hasidim that could vote for the Va’ad Ha’Ir 1909-10, and a list of members of the Ashkenazi community that could vote for Va’ad Ha’Ir 1917-18. All together there are 14,260 men listed.

Russian-Jewish POWs WWI (December, 1914 – March, 1915) – Two files listing over 10,000 Jewish POWs from WWI were found in the Central Zionist Archives. These include Jews from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Bessarabia and Russia (of today). The lists are from January and February 1915 and mention where these people were from.

Alliance Students in Morocco – A collection of ledgers from various schools of the Alliance Schools System in Morocco are part of the collection of the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People. Mathilde Tagger z”l lead this project and the Alliance Office in Paris gave us permission to post the database on the IGRA website. The list includes 11,664 students from 27 towns and villages and span the period from the 1920s through 1964.

1944 Palestine Telephone Directory – The directory was printed in three parts: Jerusalem, the northern section of the country and the central part of the country.  It includes businesses, government offices and private phones, totaling approximately 15,000 listings. 7% of the telephone numbers listed belonged to doctors.

Memorial HaGoshrim –

אוסף הכתובות של הספריה הלאומית

נפוס בגדאד ברנ”ב

גירוש מתל-אביב 17.12.1914

רשימות מהגרים לאחר מלחמת העולם הראשונה

כוללים בא”י – 3 רשימות חדשות לאוסף שלנו

שבויי מלחמת העולם הראשונה, רוסים-יהודים

תלמידי אליאנס כי”ח במורוקו

מדריך טלפון פלסטין – 1944

דפי הנצחה – הגושרים