In honor of International Archives Day 2012 on June 9th and the virtual exhibition by the Israeli Igud [organization] of Archives and Information!/israrchivist , IGRA has uploaded nine new databases to its BETA search engine. All the databases deal with Eretz Israel spanning the period from 1908-1945.

We wish to thank three archives for their cooperation in making some of these databases available to the public:  the Haifa Municipal Archive, the Petah Tikva Historical Archive and the Aviezer Yellin Archives of Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora. The databases for Safed span the period from 1433-2003. For the present, the databases can be searched in English only. The family and given names in the Hebrew databases have been transliterated from Hebrew to English.

The databases are:

List of Students & Staff of Gymnasia Haivrit, Yaffo 1908-9

First National Conference of Edot Hamizrah in Eretz Israel – Protocol 1925

Voters’ List for Haifa 1928

Voters’ List for Municipal Council Petah Tikva 1930

Voters’ List for Municipal Council Petah Tikva 1932

Members of the Teachers’ Council (Histadrut) 1939

Hebrew Soldiers of the Yishuv who fell and perished in World War II 1940-1945

Safed Burials 1433-2003

Safed – collection of various documents 1912-1947

The databases are accessible at , you only need to register (free) on our website.