IGRA would like to take this opportunity to send greetings for the New Year to all of our supporters.  May this year be one of rich family experiences, fulfillment, renewed energy and good health.

This New Year’s greeting was sent to Judith Epstein in 1925 and used with permission of Rose Feldman.

IGRA has met with an amazing response from all over the world.  We are humbled and gratified to have so many people accessing our website, searching our databases, reading our articles, listening to our lectures and webinars.  As a result of your support, we have more than 1800 people registered at our website.  The website is struggling to keep up with the demand.  We have begun the process of moving to a different server and ask your patience in the coming month.  There are times that the website is very slow or off line. We’re doing our utmost to make the transition as quickly as possible and will send out notifications when we have successfully made the\is transition and also when our new search engine is ready.  When all of this happens – the IGRA website will have many surprises in store for you.  Please make it a habit to visit us frequently to see what is new.