We are announcing the latest database release that has many important additions to the AID collection. Please check the preview for additional details about these databases.

IGRA is very proud of its participation in the process of digitizing and indexing the Montefiore Census records. Mathilde Tagger (z”l), Rose Feldman and Billie Stein spearheaded the efforts which began at the IGS and concluded at IGRA. They were joined by a group of volunteers who spent countless hours deciphering (a variety of script writing is found in the originals), transcribing, translating, researching (for instance occupations were mentioned that no longer exist or are now called by a different name) and finalizing the documents. The results are available on the website of The Montefiore  Endowment searchable in both Hebrew and English. IGRA is now announcing the availability to search this index on the AID search engine as well. This allows you to take advantage of our special soundex giving you spelling variations for each surname without having to input each variation on your own. The detail page (available to paid IGRA members) will give you the item number, locality and notes – and a link taking you directly to that item on the Montefiore Endowment website. Those who are registered on the IGRA website will see the name and the year of the census that this record refers to (1839, 1849, 1855, 1866 or 1875).

In addition to this amazing index this release has the following:

Voter List – Knesset Israel, Tel Aviv, (Tet – Lamed),1936: (images) More than 5,000 names have been added to this database. The data available includes the name of the father, the age of the voter, sex of the individual, the community they were affiliated with and where they lived at that time. This database is in Hebrew and is from the Historical Municipal Archives of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

Voter Registry for the Holon Local Council, 1945: (images) This list of just over 3,000 names identifies those allowed to participate in the election for the Holon Local Council. There is an identification number specific for this election and the name of the person. This database is in Hebrew and from the Israel State Archives.

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates: (images) Almost 4,000 new additions to this special database. These certificates (not from the Rabbinut) have so much information available on each of the couple. You could learn where they are from, the names of their parents (and witnesses), their occupation, where they were living, their age and more. These are the closest we can offer of a vital record from this time period. The certificates are mostly in Hebrew and from the Israel State Archives.

Demobilization of Jewish Polish Soldiers in Eretz Israel, 1947: (images) These records are of those who were registered as immigrants having served in the Polish Army and was part of a larger collection of Jewish Soldiers in the Polish Army. The name and rank of each is listed. This database is in English and is from the Israel State Archives.

Telephone Directory, (the letter B), 1963: (images) This addition brings over 3,500 names that begin with the letter B. These are from the central region and give the address, City/neighborhood and phone number. This database is in English and originates from the Library of Congress.

As always, we are most grateful to all of our volunteers. Many have joined our ranks recently and we are always looking for additional help both in Hebrew and English. If databases aren’t your thing but you are able to volunteer other services to IGRA – please write to us at [email protected].

A reminder – our indexes are available to all who are registered on the IGRA website as well as a selection of articles, recorded webinars and other resources. In order to receive full access to these and the complete details on our databases, one needs to have paid their 2018 membership dues (150 NIS/$45 per individual; 200 NIS/$60 per couple).