The AID (All Israel Databases) has eight additions to its collection. Please check out the preview for more information about these databases.

This release of databases is different than those we have done in the past. Of the eight we are releasing, six relate to the present! You may ask how we can do that with privacy issues. The answer is that the details we offer do not include sensitive information and these lists were found on the internet so they are not included in the grouping of data we cannot release. Having information available about people in Israel today is also important in helping you to possibly connect with family.

In this batch of databases we do not have any that have scans of images attached. Our end of the year release will have databases with images.

Voter List Hadar HaCarmel (Haifa) Committee, 1941 – This database has the names of those able to vote for this neighborhood committee.

Voter List Knesset Israel (additions), Jerusalem (partial list), 1945 – Here you may find the name of the father in addition to the person’s name, address and locality.

Elections to the Likud [Party] Secretariat, 2014 – Details include the name, address, locality and branch of the party they are connected to.

Candidates Histadrut National Elections, 2017 – You can find the name, locality, gender and political party affiliation.

Candidates Histadrut Regional Elections, 2017 – Details include the name, locality and political party.

Candidates Na’amat National Elections, 2017 – This list has the person’s name and political party.

Candidates Na’amat Regional Elections, 2017 – The details include the name, locality and political party.

Israel Society of Acoustics, 2017 – The information here includes the name, position and place of employment.


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