IGRA  has released two new databases:
1. List of Candidates for the Third Knesset 1955 – A list of 1,315 candidates for the 3rd Knesset published in Yalkut HaPirsumim.
2. Candidates for the 1959 Histadrut Hahaklaim (Farmers’ Council) – A list of 1,939 candidates for the 9th Histadrut Farmers’ Council election, from seven different parties.
We are pleased to also bring back three databases that have been repaired:
1. Safed Burials 1433-2000 from the new cemetery and part of the old cemetery – Safed Old Cemetery – A PARTIAL list of 5,141 burials in the ancient cemetery. Safed New Cemetery – A list of 3,497 burials in the new cemetery through 2006.
2. Queries about Land Registries 1928-1929 – A list of 1,210 names mentioned in queries by the British Administration about registration of properties in various places in Eretz Israel.
3. Hebrew Soldiers of the Yishuv who fell and perished in World War II 1940-1945 – This is a list of 519 soldiers who died while serving in the British Army.
For complete details and search options – visit https://genealogy.org.il/databases/. Registration (free) is required. These databases were all originally in Hebrew but are searchable in English as well and fields are translated.