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Thank you to everyone who participated in the IGRA Annual General Meeting yesterday, and congratulations to everyone who was elected.

Philip Trauring, Ellen Stepak and Eyal Hollander were re-elected to their officer positions for two years.

Rose Feldman and Daniel Horowitz were elected to the Executive Council for two years.

Eli Avivi and Rosemary Eshel were elected to the open positions on the board for two years.

Rose Lerer Cohen, Susan Edel, and Leesa Goren were all elected to the Audit Committee for one year.

The full set of current positions at IGRA are:

Executive Council
President: Philip Trauring
Secretary: Ellen Stepak
Treasurer: Eyal Hollander
Member at Large: Rose Feldman
Member at Large: Daniel Horowitz

Members at Large on the Board
Eli Avivi
Elena Bazes
Rosemary Eshel
Esther Rechtschafner
Garri Regev – Immediate Past President

Audit Committee
Rose Lerer Cohen
Susan Edel
Leesa Goren

The movie shown after the AGM, Scandal at Ivansk, was on an important topic and very interesting. We highly recommend the movie.

IGRA is happy to announce that we will be screening the recently released documentary Scandal in Ivansk after the Annual General Meeting taking place on June 18, 2018.

The AGM itself will start at 4:30pm and the movie is scheduled to start at 6:00pm. They will be taking place at the ZOA House, located at 1 Daniel Frisch Street, Tel Aviv.

We would greatly appreciate it if everyone planning to attend the AGM, and/or the movie, would please register on the following web form:

Registering will help us figure out how many ballots to prepare, the amount of refreshments to order, etc.

Please note that the AGM is only open to members of IGRA.

If there is room we will allow non-members to attend the movie, for a fee which we will determine when we open it up. You can sign up with the above form to get on the waiting list for non-members to attend, and we will e-mail you if we open up attendance with details.

More information on the film:

Scandal in Ivansk
Director: David Blumenfeld
Co-Director: Ami Drozd
Running time: 78 Minutes
Web Site:

In the small Polish town of Ivansk, one word ignites a nationwide controversy. Most of Ivansk’s Jews were killed by the Nazis, and the headstones in the Jewish cemetery were plundered for construction purposes. A group of Jewish descendants from Ivansk restore the town’s cemetery, retrieving what headstones they can. When they commission a plaque that includes the word “collaborator,” a national scandal is unleashed. This timely eye-opening documentary strives to understand why much of the nation won’t accept “collaborator” to describe Polish people who aided the Nazis and benefitted from the genocide of Jews. With the recent explosive row between Poland and Israel over this issue, Scandal in Ivansk explores the subjectivity of history and the politics of memory.

IGRA has added five new databases and updated three others. The preview will give you a good idea about our latest additions.

1914-1915 USS Tennessee, Palestine to Alexandria – (images available) This database documents the 1,858 people who were transferred from Palestine to Alexandria on the USS Tennessee. The information available may have, in addition to the name, the nationality, town of origin, date of sailing. If a family was on the ship only the name of the head of the family appears, but you should see the number of family members on board. The database is in English.

1923-1939 Petah Tikva Death Registry – (images available) The ledger is written by hand in Hebrew. In addition to the name you should find the age, sex and date of death.

1936 Voter list Knesset Israel, Tel Aviv (aleph-daled) – (images available) This list of over 15,500 names includes the father’s name, age, sex, address and the community they associated with. In Hebrew.

1921-1948 Marriage & Divorce Certificates issued during the Mandate Period – (images available)  This release adds another 860 to this specific collection. In Hebrew.

1947 Bat Yam Local Council Election – (images available)  A list of those eligible to vote in the local election. There are names and in some cases ages. In Hebrew.

October 1949, “Operation on Eagles Wings” – (no images) We bring an additional 3,505 records of individuals who came to Israel from Yemen in 1949.

Members of “Hamekasher”, Jerusalem area Bus Service – (images available) This partially handwritten Hebrew list gives the birth year for each member as well as the year they joined the cooperative and their address.

1963 Telephone Directory (K-L) – (images available) This phone book is in English. The additional information may include the phone number, address, community, neighborhood.

The IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are only available to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.

Thank you to all our volunteers who had a part in making these databases available.

Can you help us prepare additional databases? Write to us at


Matan Shefi recently spoke on “Polish Research and Preview of Warsaw Conference”. The lecture was recorded and IGRA is now making it available to you. Matan lectured about records and archives available in Poland, including records at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.  He also gave a preview of the upcoming IAJGS annual conference in Warsaw this summer. The lecture is in English.

Matan Shefi works at the Family Heritage and Jewish Genealogy Center in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, Poland. He is also co-chair of the upcoming IAJGS conference in Warsaw.

Lecture given live on January 4, 2018

Many thanks are due to our dedicated volunteers who helped prepare the following databases. Please check out the slide presentation with a preview of what you can anticipate to find (in both English & Hebrew).

Aleppo Britot – Rabbi Dayan 1868-1945: (7,555) (no images) IGRA thanks Sarina Roffe for sharing this special database with us. Books were kept in Aleppo with information regarding the Brit Mila for the male infants in the years listed above. These records were kept by the Mohel – and during this period there were several. Additional information regarding this database can be found through this link on the SephardicGen website. The Hebrew date and general date are given. The database is in Hebrew.

Jewish Students in Palestine, 1916: (73) (no images) This file was found at the Central Zionist Archives. Those mentioned were Jewish Students being followed by the Turks. There are some comments in addition to the name of the student.

Americans in Palestine, 1929: (125) (images available) We thank Rabbi Gary Gans for sharing this file with us and allowing us to prepare the database and make it available to you. The information could be a letter or a list with possibly names of additional family members, an address and locality.

Voters for Municipal Council Petah Tikva, 1939: (6,952) (images available) This list is typed, in Hebrew and was located in the Israel State Archives. The information you can see, in most cases, is the name, age, street and if they have the qualifications to be elected as a member of the Council. This includes both males and females. You may find more than one family member at the address..

Operation “On Eagles Wings” – October, 1949: (4,983) (no images) We are adding close to 5,000 names to our collection of those who came to Israel from Yemen in 1949 in Operation “On Eagles Wings”. This project is done in conjunction with the JDC and each record has a link which will take you to the record on the JDC website.

1963 Telephone Directory Tel Aviv area – Letters I-J: (1287) (images available) Phone books can provide some interesting information about our families. In this phone book (in English) you may find an occupation in addition to the street address, phone number and locality. For our members looking at the page from the phone book, you might also be able to connect with additional family members.


Some reminders – when there are images connected with our databases, these images are only visible to paid members of IGRA. Our membership year is from January 1 to December 31 each year. If you have not yet renewed, following a short grace period, access will be denied to those images and additional member benefits. Those joining IGRA during December will enjoy membership through the end of 2018.

It is only possible to continue to bring additional databases with the help of volunteers. Many projects can be worked on one page at a time (about 40 lines). There are other ways you may be able to help as well. Please write to us at: to let us know you are ready to join in this incredible effort.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Festival of Lights and hope that you will find new information regarding your family.